Documents required for a rental offer to be successful

Due to the high demand and rapid rental property turnover, we kindly request that you prepare all necessary documents before scheduling any showings. The rental market is highly competitive, and having these documents ready will expedite the process and increase your chances of securing a rental successfully.


What Is a Contract to Lease (Making an Offer)  in Florida?

The Contract to Lease in Florida is essentially a contractually binding offer form used for rental transactions. The tenant agrees on general lease terms with the landlord, often puts up a deposit (i.e. 1 month’s rent), and signs a binding contract to essentially reserve the apartment in advance of completing the lease, condo application and any other paperwork.

The reason this can work in Florida is because lease agreements tend to be standard contracts adopted by local Realtor and BAR associations that are “fill-in-the-blank” and easy to use. As a result, lawyers are typically not utilized, and the Realtors will guide their clients through the lease agreement and related forms.